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Map of York – With its fine Medieval buildings, its cobbled streets and its quaint restaurants there is no better place in the world to enjoy an environment that sets a romantic scene for your outings with these escorts than the one that occurs by way of natural course here in York. It was founded by the Romans in the year 71AD and since that very day it has played a major part in the history of both the North of England and the country as a whole. It has been the scene for many a bloody battle between numerous warring parties that were trying to stake their claim to the great country of England. In nearly every important invasion or uprising in our history you will find that York is certainly mentioned somewhere. Medieval York

Surprisingly enough though so much of it has been preserved for escorts and other inhabitants alike to see, some of the finest medieval buildings you could ever wish to see are preserved here in York like they are just a few years old. There is still a great Roman fort here that is so well preserved it is hard to look at it and believe it is of such an old age. These are all sites that your escorts would be more than happy to show you around and they are more than likely also capable of telling you some of the history of the city in general. One of the most sought after events of the year is ladies day at York racecourse, which is an event that attracts escorts from all over the country. As they position themselves in well documented places for visitors in the area to pick them up from for sexual enjoyment. Many of them are well booked up in advance by clients that want to make sure they have the best of all the York escorts on their arm during the event. They love to dress up in their skimpy dresses and big hats and love the attention they receive from you at the same time. York in general is a very affluent area, which is another reason that it attracts the female inhabitants to become escorts here, as they exploit the money that is on offer here to ensure they get to enjoy all the finer offerings of the city as well. Roman Fortifications in York

Escorts in York’s history

It is not that well documented what part they played in the history here at York, but it is only really a matter of common sense when you look at all the history and the wealth that came with it to work out that they would of been a part of the culture here for an extensive amount of time for certain. It is well known if not that well documented that York escorts have been available to pleasure the higher class gentlemen in the city for a lengthy period of time. When you add this to the fact it was indeed the more wealthy gentlemen in society that have been depicted as using their services on a regular basis throughout more modern history, that when you have an area such as York that has been full of such persons since Roman times that is stands to reason that escorts would of gone hand in hand with this social base. As they have always been considered a more unspoken part of society it stands to reason that such people would not have written about them alongside other parts of their life’s, but the fact that they existed is compelling indeed. These days the knowledge that the general public would hold about such girls is more often than not only partially correct, as the media is hell bent on only every publishing stories that relate to the real bad underbelly of certain parts of the modern escorts trade.York

The overall economic state of York has remained very stable and the girls here certainly didn’t go through the same decline in trade like the Sheffield escorts would have done during the 1980’s. I think this is because the level of wealth in York was much higher before the recessions set in and also one of the biggest employment sectors in the area is the Tourism trade that never really suffered any way thanks to the large amount of overseas visitors that York receives each year.

As far as people looking for escort jobs here in York is concerned, you will find that the two main types of applicants will be from two distinct backgrounds. The first and foremost will be those that are currently studying at one of the highly acclaimed education institutes. As with them comes a hefty cost in the tuition fees department so the students seek out a flexible way to earn extra income to make it through to the end of their education years. There is no better or more rewarding way to do this that to be an escort is currently available to them, as this trade allows flexible working hours and very high incomes can be achieved from it at the same time as them having some really fantastic sex. The second group applicants fall into is the slightly more mature ladies that are in their early or mid thirties. Most of these have been married to wealthy gents that gave them a very good standard of living and now they find themselves divorced and unable to maintain the standard of living that they are used to, so they too seek to join the many York escorts in existence in order to boost their incomes back up to a level that allows them to enjoy a high class way of living once more

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